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Create protected snippets to share them only with humans.

We at believe in a spam free world. That's why we created a new (and free) service for you to share your content only with humans.

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Neverbot is fully API integrated and ready for automation


Our features

We offer you some very neat features that will make your workflows way easier. - And all of them are hilariously easy to use.

API Integration is fully API-integrated to automate all of your tasks. Soon, we will offer you a Zapier app as well. Learn more.

Link sharing

You can simply share every single snippet link with anyone. We also offer you predefined share buttons to make sharing even easier.

Implement on your website

If you want to implement your protected content on your website, by using an anchor tag or an iframe, this is possible as well. You already saw an example of that at the top of our website.


Every snippet is protected by a captcha that needs to be solved first. Additionally, you can also password-protect your snippet or destruct it after a certain amount of views.

You would like some special features? Let us know!

We just started.

Our journey only started and we are very excited about the next steps. Our basic version of is already available and we plan to extend it even further, to make content sharing easier than ever before.

In case you have any questions, feedback or some feature requests, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.